Calamansi Juice & Snacks Set

¥3,901 ¥3,000


Panlasang Pinoy Calamansi Juice Drink &
JPYnAssorted Snacks Set (Chippy Series) 2020/3/17~
JPYn*Save 23%!

JPYnSet Contents:
JPYnPanlasang Pinoy Calamansi Juice Drink 500ml x2pcs
JPYnJack & Jill Chippy Barbecue 110g x3pcs
JPYnJack & Jill Nova Cheese 78g x3pcs
JPYnLeslie’s Clover Chips Cheese 55g x3pcs
JPYnGranny Goose Tortillos BBQ 100g x3pcs
JPYnLala Fish Crackers Reg. 50g x3pcs
JPYnBoy Bawang Garlic 100g x3pcs
JPYnBoy Bawang Chili Cheese 100g x3pcs
JPYnJack & Jill Chippy Chili & Cheese 110g x2pcs

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